Reiki Treatments

Reiki energy effects everyone uniquely, there is no right, wrong or better way to try and receive a treatment - neither do you need to hold strict spiritual beliefs in order to positively experience Reiki. The energy is equipped with its own natural intelligence, all you have to do is simply stay open to receiving the healing. Because of its holistic approach to well-being, Reiki treatments help with a wide variety of ailments including depression, anxiety, stress, emotional trauma, negative patterns, spiritual blockages, and any physical aches and pains related to disease, operations, accidents and trauma.

During a Reiki treatment I am often guided to use intuitive acupressure. Acupressure is an ancient Chinese healing method that involves applying pressure to certain meridian points on the body to release energy blockages and help the Chi (or Kei) move round the body properly. These are the same meridians (channels) which are activated during a Reiki treatment, focusing on the seven main chakras (or energy centres). I do not practise traditional acupressure but simply see, feel and know the acupressure points and meridians which need attention on your body.

This combination of Reiki energy and acupressure fully restores your energetic system back to optimum health - this then effects all of your systems - the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


Channeling energy is something we are all equipped to do, I teach a very easy technique during my Reiki workshops that everyone can master. Reiki energy is for everyone and when we invite the magic of this energy into our lives, it has only positive benefits. Feel free to try yourself using the method in this video and let me know how you get on, or indeed if you have any questions - feel free to ask!

Distant Healings

Reiki energy is able to travel through time and space, this means that by using my intention with the sacred symbols I am able to send energy to whomever is in need, whenever they are in need. I offer gentle Distant energy healing sessions for clients in the comfort of their own home. A booking for a Distance Healing is normally done via Skype, ensuring both parties are happy with the technicalities of what the healing requires, as well as affirming the energetic connection between practitioner and client. I currently have a number of worldwide clients receiving regular distant sessions with great results. Do drop me a line for pricing.


Four Hand

Shamanic Treatment

For the ultimate in deep soul restoration and renewal, this unique relaxing treatment will affect every cell of your body - vibrating and tuning you to the highest frequencies found within intentional soundscapes and Reiki energy. Working a combination of sound massage including gong, drum, voice, and tuning forks alongside hands-on Reiki healing to cleanse and purify your body.

Attended by two experienced practitioners simultaneously you will be guided to a profound meditative time-out. You will go very deep, as your brainwaves slow down to a sleep-like trance state where everything is possible. Whatever you are in need of – healing of physical symptoms, release from mental distress, seeking a way out from being stuck – this treatment will help, nourish and support you.

You will be asked to lie down and wrapped in a warm blanket before the treatment begins, this is for the comfort of the body. People often say they experience body sensations, visions, memories, feelings of floating etc. These sensations are neither good nor bad, they just are. We invite you to go deeper and deeper and let go of any effort. Allow your awareness to stay with us and keep surrendering to the present moment; relax and receive. Afterwards you will be gently brought back into your body with plenty of water and fragrant essential oils to ground you back in the reality.

What is so special about the four hands shamanic treatment?
It is a lush pampering experience to have yourself attended to by two practitioners at the same time, it simply has to be experienced! The effects of the treatment are long lasting and the body feels relaxed yet energised, the mind refreshed, the soul revived. Any pain, sadness, stress… is gone.

Price per person: £85.00 for 1 hour session. Email to book.

Aya Zebrowska is a fully qualified and certified practitioner of Tribal Sound healing arts, and avid researcher of the healing properties of sound. Passionate about human connection and evolution she supports a group of 40 volunteers to create a nurturing, honest and friendly space for Bristolians to come together for mental and emotional health. What makes Aya’s sound treatment so special is her unified presence - completely embodied in her intuitive and pure connection to sound.

Aya and Kimberly have a beautiful connection. They met whilst volunteering – Aya was facilitating Sound Baths and Kimbers was giving 1:1 Reiki treatments to people going through recovery. The sweet fruit of their collaboration is the monthly Reiki Sound Temple.