A blessing...

There is not much else in the world that makes my heart sing more than passing on the sacred knowledge of Reiki to others. Often times referred to as a ‘Reiki Journey’ it is a practice which for many becomes the gateway to living life in a more authentic, natural and spiritually aligned way. When we directly experience the sensations of Reiki energy in our hands, on or around our body or on the tippy top of our head - we are blissfully reminded of the constant conversation we are always having with that higher energy all around us, all the time!

Reiki translated literally means ‘Universal life force energy’ - it is in abundance all around us, and within us; in the trees, the mountains, the sun, the sea, the soil, the rain – it is the energy which spins the planets around the solar system, and the same energy which tingles the tiniest of hairs on our own bodies. This signature energy of Life has a vibration and intelligence so high we are not able to fully humanly comprehend it, but if we listen to our Hearts and surrender our knowing to that higher energy, we have the potential to gently come to understand deep in our soul what pure Divine Love is.

Each of us on this planet in this moment, and everything we see around us is made of this rich sacred vibration. We are literally all made of Light-pixels of Love! I personally like to call this energy Goddess, God, the Universe, Source, the Divine or Nature, but there are infinite words, symbols and sounds for - and pathways and maps to - this sacred energy. Being able to call in and directly work with it for healing, and to honor and give gratitude to this energy in the form of Reiki gifts us with the potential for an evolving spiritual transformation that continues for the rest of this life. The process of aligning yourself intentionally to this energy through an attunement has only positive effects; Reiki can change the filter between you and the world, and improve how you engage with everyone and everything in it, and beyond it......

I trust that Reiki will fill your heart with wise pearls of pure Light, and take you on a far-reaching, multi-dimensional soul -adventure of Love, healing and Truth!

Reiki Blessings, and always Love,

Kimbers x