Reiki Workshops

For newcomers to Reiki, taking that first workshop can be an exciting time, filled with anticipation. For some participants there may be an expectation of experiencing something profound and spiritual, for others a more practical and technical 'How to do Reiki' is what they imagine the day to be. Some have no expectations nor any conscious idea as to why they want to come along, their spirit has simply called them to it. All of the workshops call on flavours of the above – Kiss the Sky promises to provide a safe and trusted space, filled with spiritual integrity – where we can share our innermost thoughts & feelings on anything & everything related to the cosmos, the universe, being human and beyond (my favourite subjects..!). But we also cover the practical steps (some might even say the science) to help better understand Reiki energy and the healing power it can offer to us and our loved ones throughout our daily lives.

Every single one of us, as we walk through this journey called life is unconsciously treading a path towards healing. I teach Reiki as a method for self-healing empowerment; not only is the very act of receiving an energetic attunement one of the most powerful healing gifts we can bestow on ourself, but learning to use universal life force energy which is in abundance all around us to improve the quality of our lives - will be something that stays with you forever and ever.

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Reiki Sound Temple

The Reiki Sound Temple is a multi-dimensional experience that supports the natural processes of self healing and purifying on many levels. Upon entering the sacred space you will be guided into a deep meditation and taken on a journey within. Using a blend of intentional sound-scapes and Reiki energy; time and space dissolve - showing us our deepest truth and our purest nature.

This event is a beautiful collaboration between Reiki and Sound Healing - I work with Aya Zebrowska; an experienced and certified Cretive Therapeutic Sound healer to hold the space, and we invite other musicians and facilitators in to vary the sound-scapes. This sacred space is accessed on a 'pay-as-you-feel' basis where participants are invited to lie down in full relaxation, listening to the sound, and feeling the energy.


The Hidden One -

Sacred Attunements

This particular attunement is activating the energy found in our Higher Heart chakra. The turquoise vibrating Higher Heart chakra (also sometimes called the 'Sacred Heart') is located between your Throat chakra and Heart chakra.

Our Heart chakra relates to our ability to feel and express human love -it is designed to enable experiences and expressions of self-love and love in relationships. By distinction our Higher Heart relates to Divine Love - it is your gateway to the divinity in everything around you, and provides you with a deeper understanding of your own Divine connection to all things. It is responsible for giving you a transcended sense of love and helps us recognize that we are all an interconnected part of the Whole. When this chakra is activated it produces a deeper sense of love and well-being, allows closer alignment with your Higher Self and empowers you with a strong sense of your True divinity.

When we connect with our own divinity, we are connecting with all other beings- with unconditional love & reverence. I run this as a 2-hour one-off session, with meditation and attunement - and good chat!


Sacred Reiki Circle

For all Reiki healers (and energy healers of all types) having the opportunity to recieve as well as give is vitally important to keep ourselves well and our energy sound and in balance. These welcoming one off sessions are an invitation to all healers to come together for connection, sharing and healing.