" To raise awareness of Reiki as an all natural approach to physical, mental & emotional wellbeing and to gently provide the tools to empower and educate everyone embarking on their own self-healing journey "


" My experiences with Kim are impossible to put into words. Being introduced to the simple beautiful world of Reiki and the realisations that unfold beyond it, have helped me no end. It is what I was missing."



Kimberly Rogers is an experienced Reiki Master who is passionate about passing on the sacred knowledge of Reiki to others. A natural empath and intuitive healer, it was her own journey into healing and the word of mouth that followed that led to the creation of Kiss the Sky in 2014. Dedicated to raising awareness of Reiki as an all natural approach to physical, mental and emotional well-being; Kimberly teaches Reiki as a tool for self-healing empowerment. Holding regular small group certified workshops at her peaceful home as well as providing energy transmissions, one-to-one Reiki treatments and distant healing skype sessions to a variety of clients worldwide. Kimbers is fascinated by the connection between community and healing, having previously lived in and managed a number of spiritual and artistic communities (inc EarthHeart UK and Coexist). Her passion and interest in inclusivity and community in relation to spirituality is currently being explored alongside Kiss the Sky via a BA (hons) in Philosophy at UWE Bristol.

"I did my Reiki Level 1 with Kimberley a couple of days ago and have found myself deeply moved by the whole experience. Kimberly is an intuitive, kind teacher with a wealth of knowledge and a warm heart. I feel honoured to have taken the first step on my Reiki journey with her and the other lovely women in the group. Thank you and blessings to you" - SL

"My third workshop with Kimberly and just when I didn't think it could get any better, the most wonderful magical workshop you can imagine happens! Well worth the 5 hour round trip journey. Kimberly allows you to feel comfortable in the space, and is such a natural teacher! Can't wait for workshop number four!" - EF